Animal Jam Item Worth Wiki
Animal Jam Item Worth Wiki

Last Updated 9/13/21

The Animal Jam Box Items are promo items that are available exclusively from the Animal Jam Box, a subscription box that can be bought at Every 3 months, a new Box was sent out, however the AJ box is now discontinued. Among numerous AJ paraphernalia like toys and apparel, the box contains a promo code for an exclusive item. This exclusivity (i.e. scarcity) creates demand for these items. Like normal promo items that are consistently available from toy stores.

Notice: Keep in mind these seasons are current for the Northern Hemisphere. (i.e. U.S. time)

2016 and 2017 Boxes

Snow Leopard Slippers - Winter 2016 Golden Binoculars - Spring 2017 Shark Tail - Summer 2017 Phantom Beanie - Fall 2017 Lit Scarf - Winter 2017

20 Black Long Collars, maybe less

3.5-4 Black Long Collars

24 Black Long Collars, sometimes less

9-9.5 Black Long Collars, sometimes less

4 Black Long Collars, maybe less

2018 Boxes

Laughing Emote - Spring 2018 Happy Emote - Spring 2018 Angry Emote - Spring 2018 Sad Emote - Spring 2018 Purple Ancient Helmet - Summer 2018 Purple Ancient Amulet - Summer 2018 Purple Ancient Armor - Summer 2018 Purple Ancient Gauntlets - Summer 2018 Purple Ancient Tail Armor - Summer 2018 Phantom Crown - Fall 2018 Giant Rare Plaque - Winter 2018
Phantom Crown.jpg
Plaque oof.png
Blue Long Collar Blue Long Collar Blue Long Collar Blue Long Collar 2 Black Long Collars 2 Black Long Collars 2 Black Long Collars 2 Black Long Collars 3 Black Long Collars 4 Black Long Collars 1 Black Long Collar

2019 Boxes

Arctic Fox Throne - Spring 2019 Custom Head Feather - Summer 2019 Custom Double Ribbon Bow - Summer 2019 Glowing Spiked Phantom - Fall 2019 Magenta Seal - Winter 2019
Arctic Fox Throne.jpg
Glowing spiked phantom1.png
Decent Long Collar, usually more 1 Black Long Collar + 1 Good Long Collar + 1 Bad Long Collar, maybe less Bad Long Collar, sometimes more Bad Long Collar

Minimum Value: 23 Black Long Collars

Maximum Value: Undefined

2020 Boxes

Galactic Firefly - Spring 2020

Minimum Value: 6 Black Long Collars

Maximum Value: Undefined

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