The AJIWW Block policy is based on a points system. If you are permanently blocked from the Wiki, you will also be permanently banned from the Discord Server. Staff will keep track of points through warnings on Message Walls. In the event that you feel that you have reason to be unbanned or were unrightfully banned, fill out the Ban Appeal Form listed below.


3 points: 24 hour Block.

7 points: 1 Week - 1 Month Block (varying on the situation).

10 points: Permanent Block.

Notice: Punishments can vary depending on other factors such as misbehavior on other Wikis, Discord, or AJ itself. These all may play a part in a user's punishment.

Ban Appeal Form:

Offense Points Gained
Unrelated page comments 1
Fake Offers 1
Post Category misusage 1
Harassment  Minor: 2

Major: 3

NSFW content 10
Worth manipulation 10
Editing to incorrect item values Minor: 3

Major: 10

Item Begging 1
Edit Farming 1
Necroposting (posting on threads with the most recent reply 2+ months ago)  1
Editing others' profiles/pages without consent 3
Making non-item pages 1
Swearing 1
Discriminatory slurs  10
Spamming 1
Advertising social media platforms (social media giveaways included)  1
Breaking Animal Jam's TOS (includes scamming, hacking, item buying/selling, trading items for membership, etc.) 


Trade Poaching 1

Minor- 3

Major- 10

Art Theft

Minor (depends)- 5 

Major- 10

Not following contest hosting/giveaway/voting requirement 1
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