Animal Jam Item Worth Wiki:Block Policy

The AJIWW Block policy is based on a points system. If you are permanently blocked from the Wiki, you will also be permanently banned from the Discord Server. Staff will keep track of points through warnings on Message Walls. In the event that you feel that you have reason to be unbanned or were unrightfully banned, fill out an Infraction/Ban Appeal Form listed below.

Our Ban Appeal Forms second as a Point/Infraction/Temp Block Appeal Form.

System: Most forms of offense (listed in the table below) - Point

3 points: 24 hour block

7 points: 1 week - 1 month block (varying on the situation)

10 points: 1 year block (possible to be shortened or removed by appealing through our Ban Appeal)

Certain forms of AJ TOS breaking (selling, buying, account trading, etc.) - Strike

1 strike: 24 hour block

2 strikes: 1 week block

3 strikes: 1 year block

Major offense (hacking/scamming, vandalism, worth manipulation, etc.) - Permanent (possible to be appealed through our Wiki Ban Appeal or our Discord Ban Appeal)

Notice: These all may play a part in a user's punishment.

  • Punishments can vary heavily depending on other factors such as misbehavior on other Wikis, Discord, or AJ itself.
  • Some offenses may not be listed below.
  • There can be different situations or examples than listed below. If you are ever confused or concerned, ask a Discussions Moderator or Administrator.
  • The number of points always varies depending on severity. Some offenses even have reminders before the first point is granted.

Point/Block/Ban Appeal Forms: Wiki ~ Discord

Offense Example(s) Number of Points
Unrelated Comment Discussing an item not shown on the page

Discussing something other than worth/trading

Wrong Category Posting art in General rather than Art Discussion

Posting your trade list in General rather than Trade/Worth/Shop

Edit Farming Replacing words on pages with synonyms

Adding/Removing small punctuation or spaces Adding unnecessary information Editing a page a significant number of times rather than in a single session

Discrimination Minor: Subtle remarks about other races, cultural groups, religions, identities, etc.

Major: Using slurs or clearly offensive language/jokes

Minor: 1-3

Major: 4-10

Harassment/Bullying/Rudeness Aggressive drama/arguing

Passive aggressive comments Constantly interacting with someone who does not want to interact

Minor: 1-3

Major: 4-10

Swearing/Profanity Only the following words are permitted: “hell”, “heck”, “crap”, “piss”, “damn”, “dang”, “ass”, “lmfao”, “bs”, "shit", “fml”, “wth”, “wtf”, “ffs” and “lmao”

Abbreviations for more minor swears are permitted, such as “tf” Bypasses, such as replacing one letter of a non-permitted swear with a symbol, are not permitted

Trade Poaching Person A has a headdress for trade; Person B offers X amount; Person A accepts; Person C offers more than Person B; Person C is warned; if Person A accepted the new trade, they also receive a warning

Pet situations with "autos" may be more complicated

Fake Offering Joking and offering necklaces or gems for items with high value, such as magenta items or headdresses

Offering significantly over or under the actual worth of an item (may also be seen as Worth Manipulation) Offering non-items for an item, like your sibling for a spike or your pencil for a den beta Offering and not going through with the trade

Account Trading Trading your AJ account for art, items, or things of monetary value, such as membership

Asking for an AJ account with certain features and offering art, items, or things of monetary value

Page Vandalism Adding inappropriate images or text to pages

Removing content from pages

General Vandalism Posting inappropriate images in comments, on a Message Wall, on the Discussions Board, etc.

Spamming profanity or slurs

Profile Editing Removing part of someone's code/profile without consent

Adding images or text to someone's code/profile without consent

Trolling Varying levels of purposefully causing confusion and/or chaos Minor: 1-3

Major: 4-10

Item Selling/Buying Offering AJ items for real-life currency, items with monetary value, such as membership, or currency from other games, such as Robux

Asking for real-life currency, items with monetary value, such as membership, or currency from other games, such as Robux for your AJ item(s)

Begging Asking for free items/donations

Asking for a free account (may also be considered Account Trading)

Value Editing Editing page values to show incorrect worths by raising or lowering them significantly (may also be seen as Page Vandalism or Worth Manipulation) 3-10
Giveaway/Contest Requirements Hosting a Contest without having 300+ posts or without having been on the Wiki for 2+ months

Entering a Giveaway/Contest without meeting requirements set by the host

Page Creation Creating a page meant for socializing; pages are solely meant for worth

Creating a page for new items without Content Moderator consent

Advertising Promoting another Wiki or Discord Server somewhere other than your Profile

Hosting a Giveaway/Contest asking for subscribers on YouTube or followers on Instagram, etc. Promoting your Social Media Platforms for something other than Art examples or trading communication

Crosstrading Only trading within AJC,, and AJ (Play Wild) is permitted Strike
NSFW Minor: Extremely subtle jokes on a friend's Message Wall

Major: Full conversations or images of sexual content

Minor: 1-3

Major: 4-10

Art/Code Theft Minor: Forgetting to credit an original creator or reference image(s)

Major: Tracing and retrading/reselling art for profit

Minor: 1-3

Major: 4-10

Drama Minor: A small argument about worth or an offer in comments or on a Message Wall

Briefly mentioning a triggering topic

Major: Dragging on a situation for an extreme, unnecessary amount of time Having the intent of causing drama

Minor: 1-3

Major: 4-10

Blacklisted Topic Usage Mentioning:
suicide, self-harm, abuse, and extreme violence (shootings, beheadings, descriptions of such, etc.)

Can also include subtle hints, images/links involving the topics, mentions on a Message Wall, etc.

Minor: 1-3

Major: 4-10

Spamming Unnecessarily long comments

Making a comment of Discussions Post that could be redirected to a Message Wall (i.e. tagging one person) Quickly repeated comments that are not a result of Fandom's glitches Consecutive comments about different items on a page; combine them into a single comment

Worth Manipulation Minor: Pretending to have items you do not own to "increase supply" (may also be seen as Fake Offering)

Giving incorrect, biased worth help Slightly overtrading/undertrading for an item or set of items (depending on severity, can also be seen as major)

Major: Grouping with other people to offer/ask for the same amount that is not the actual worth Collecting with clear intent of worth manipulation

Minor: 1-3

Major: 4-10

Breaking AJ TOS in terms of hacking, cracking, scamming Using/Looking for hits 10