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Posting in the incorrect category results in a warning + 1 point that may contribute to a block.

General - Category for discussion about anything that is not included in the other categories.

  • Art/commissions-related discussions belong in Art Discussion.
  • Worth and wiki suggestions belong in Suggestions/Attempts.

Announcements - Category for staff to post important announcements. DO NOT POST IN THIS CATEGORY UNLESS STAFF GIVES YOU PERMISSION.

Trade/Worth/Shop - Trade/Worth/Shop questions and advertisements about both items and pets belong in this category.

  • Crosstrading between AJPC to AJPW or is allowed.

Art Discussion -  Any art-related discussion and art commissions/trading belongs in this category.

  • Posting commissions for both AJ items and real money are allowed.
  • Masterpiece commissions/trading belong in this category.

Giveaways and Contests  This category is for hosting giveaways or contests.

  • MUST have been a member of this wiki for 2+ months and have 300+ posts to host a CONTEST.
  • Please do not use this board to advertise social media giveaways [for example, on YouTube or Instagram].
  • Pet naming contests with prizes belong in this category.

Suggestions/Attempts - Suggestions for wiki improvements or worth changes belong in this category. Trade attempts also belong in this category.

  • Trading belongs in its respective trading category.