Failure to follow these rules may result in a punishment, depending upon offense and severity. Finding loopholes to these rules will still result in a punishment. Please review the Block Policy for details on the punishments if these rules are broken.

  1. We do not tolerate scamming, hacking, or exploiting. Exploiting happens when a person uses a third party app or extension to manipulate the game. Scammers and hackers, as well as exploiters, (even if they don't scam on this wiki but scam/hack elsewhere) will be banned permanently on both the wiki and our discord server. 
  2. Do not slur. The R word is considered a slur on this wiki. Full swears are not allowed but abbreviated swears are. The following cusses/abbreviations are allowed on the wiki, along with similar abbreviations: “hell”, “heck”, “crap”, “piss”, “damn”, “dang”, “ass”, “lmfao”, “bs”, “fml”,  “wth”, “wtf”, “ffs” and “lmao”. 
  3. NSFW pictures that depict nudity, sexual acts and gore are not allowed, even as profile pictures. Scars/scratches/minor blood are not considered gore in this context, but anything beyond that is. Sexual jokes or conversations are also not allowed.
  4. Do not spam messages or make low-quality unnecessary edits solely for having more edits/badges (this is under edit farming).
  5. Do not make unrelated comments. Anything that is not trading (asking for trades/offering for items) or asking for help with worth is unrelated. The pets page comment section is not for letting people know when the pet parties are on, advertising pet giveaways, posting NFT pets (to flex, photos with friends/in your den, pet memes, etc), posting about scammers/being scammed, looking for people to draw your pets/posting pet art, asking for pets to be undressed, talking about any different topic and adding "ps.. I have this pet for trade so I’m not off topic”, or using a random image of a “cute” pet to attract attention to your comment.
  6. Trade poaching is not permitted. Trade poaching happens when you intentionally steal someone else’s trade or offer higher than the original trade that was already accepted but has not been traded yet. This is not to be confused with an auction, where people bid on items.
  7. Do not use the wrong category for your posts in Discussions. Explanations of proper categories are listed in the Discussions Rules. Follow all post requirements, including hosting a contest, joining a giveaway, and voting. 
  8. Do not vandalize. This includes vandalizing pages or adding false information and editing others’ profiles without consent.
  9. Do not make pages that aren’t for worths, or restore pages that have been deleted by a staff member.
  10. Do not harass other users or impersonate people. Do not post anything that would harm another (examples: doxxing, viruses, phishing). Do not pressure someone into giving their personal or account information and refrain from sharing another user's personal or account information without their consent.
  11. Discrimination is not tolerated. Comments or jokes that stereotype or mock certain kinds of people to a certain degree may result in a punishment.
  12. Do not make fake offers. This includes pretending to have items you don’t own, making offers you don’t actually mean and won’t go through with, and offering an absurd amount of necklaces or store bought items for a rare item. This could be considered spam as it floods page comments and could be considered worth manipulation as well. 
  13. Do not advertise your outside websites/social media/YouTube channels (it’s only allowed on your profile).
  14. Do not create alternate accounts to avoid a ban or break a rule. You are only permitted to one account on this wiki unless arranged otherwise with a staff member.
  15. Do not beg or ask others for free items. 
  16. Do not post on comments/threads/blog posts that are 2 months old or older. This is necroposting.
  17. Cross-trading from regular Animal Jam to Animal Jam: Play Wild is allowed (& vice-versa). Other forms of cross-trading (example: Transformice to Animal Jam) is not allowed. Trading AJ items for other games' items or IRL services such as having someone do your homework for you in exchange for Animal Jam items isn't allowed within the wiki. Trading membership, accounts, discord nitro or any form of IRL currency for Animal Jam items is not permitted, even outside of the wiki. Trading AJ items for art (on or off of AJ) is allowed. 
  18. Do not claim art you have copied, redrawn, traced or did not draw as your own unless you've based it off something in the real world. Even if it's a stock image, credit it unless it is public domain. If you do one of these and want to post on the Art Discussion Board, please make sure you credit your source. If you do not credit, it will be counted as minor art theft and you may receive a temporary block as well as 5 or more points depending on the situation. If you use that art with the intent to profit, it will be counted as major art theft and you will be banned from the wiki. This is subject to change.
  19. Speaking in a language other than English is prohibited due to its difficulty to moderate. Please use a translator if you are not fluent in English. 
  20. Do not remove a warning that a staff member has given to you on your wall. We will know if you have done so.
  21. Do not worth manipulate. Worth manipulation happens when a person posts fake trade attempts or actively lie and falsify information about an item to seem rarer. Posting old trades could be considered worth manipulation. Please note that doing something such as collecting an item or accepting an overtrade/undertrade for your items does not make you a worth manipulator. If you have any questions about this, please contact a staff member.
  22. Finding loopholes to these rules will result in a punishment.
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