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This item is NOT a Clothing Beta.

The Arctic Hood was first released during the Beta Testing, and sold at Jam Mart Clothing, then re-released in the Shiveer Shoppe in February 2011. It was released back in Jam-Mart Clothing in January 2020. All versions, with the exception of the 'beta' hood, can be won in The Forgotten Desert. 

Only one version is referred to as the 'beta hood'; this variant is the teal hood, with a green eyepiece. The Beta Hood is part of the "Beta Set".

The "Fake" Beta Hood is often used to scam. The eyepiece and shade of grey are identical, but the actual hood's color is not. While the fake hood is a dull blue, the real Beta Hood is teal (a more green-tinted blue).

Dark Purple/Default Light Blue/"Fake" Beta Pink Red Peach Green Cream Teal Rare Item Monday
ArcticHood1 ArcticHood2 ArcticHood3 ArcticHood4 ArcticHood5 ArcticHood6 ArcticHood7 ArcticHood8 RIMArcticHood
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Beta Hood

The Beta Hood is part of the "Beta Set" and can also be seen here.

Beta Hood "Fake" Beta Hood
BetaHood ArcticHood2

150 Black Long Collars, depends on Jammer

A Few RIMs

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