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Sisorce Sisorce 8 hours ago


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Nightskys Nightskys 1 day ago


soo, i reclently got hacked, and lost my back long, green long, purple long, and peacock feathers. i sent ajhq a message so i'm waiting for that. NEWS: i have art commissions open! you can check my wall at my account, moons8. HEAD: den beta. HALF BODY: short wrist. i can do most animals, i'll tell you if i can do it or not.

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Dreenie Dreenie 9 days ago

Clawdeen wolf code

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Idklolhaha34 Idklolhaha34 28 days ago

Crosstrading RH

Realized I can’t cross trade to roblox on this wiki :) so nvm have a nice day!

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Idklolhaha34 Idklolhaha34 28 days ago

Adventure item accounts 🌟

Hello! So I am currently making accounts full of a variety of adventure items. These accounts are all nonmember by the way.

some important notes-

No parent email is set up

Feel free to change the password.

•There is nothing in the accounts except adventure items

•Only accepting payments with game items (no real cash or PayPal)

• You can choose the username.

• I can not do hard mode or water adventures (I am really bad at them) (I CAN do any other adventure as long as it’s normal mode)

•forgotten desert is not included because the items are so random

•If you want prizes from chest included (ex. Sir Gilbert’s couch from the chests in game) Please inform me.

•You can order many accounts if you want


How this works- First y…

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Dreenie Dreenie 29 days ago

Dipper pines code (will add more)

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Idklolhaha34 Idklolhaha34 5 November

Coffee's Adventure shop

Hii! If anyone wants me to get them the following contact me-

  • Stone Circles (I can get up to 1000) (may take me 2 days at most)
  • Cosmos Hammock (same thing as above)
  • Wall garden (same thing as above)
  • Greenhouse windows (same thing as above)
  • Phantom Pipe (same as above)
  • Glowing Mushroom Patch (same as above)
  • Lava Crystal (same as above)
  • Fire Drum (same as above)
  • Beehive (same as above)
  • Wheelbarrow (same as above)
  • Bunny statue (same as above)
  • Bunny fence (same as above)
  • Cave crystals (same as above)
  • Portal Crystal (same as above)
  • Explorer Crate (same as above)
  • Phantom Goop (May take me a bit longer than 2 days to get 1000 sense it is a harder adventure)
  • Small Phantom Pod (same thing as above)
  • Phantom Vines (same as above)
  • Greely Wanted Poster (same as above)
  • Spotbright (same as a…
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Dreenie Dreenie 4 November

Halloween code

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Swetie97 Swetie97 4 November

Cute mp

This is an adorable mp I drew, reminds me of anime style or something like that. How do you guys think it looks like?

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Swetie97 Swetie97 4 November

Does this represent you?

Hey guys, I drew a painting on Animal Jam today. Does this remind you of someone you know or do you ever feel like this?

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Dreenie Dreenie 3 November


People suck sometimes honestly, I just don’t get why people have to be so hateful, judgmental, backstabbing pieces of shit

but there’s also good people,, like ones that text you and ask if you wanna hang out or ones that take time to hang out with you during lunch, ones who take time to introduce you to other people, I haven’t met someone like that in awhile. I know someone like that but 🤷‍♀️

I hate being depressed, I hate having mute moments, I hate being emotional. I just went to be happy like when I was a kid, where I didn’t have to worry about evil people, grades, my appearance, how many friends I have, who I’m going to hang out with that day. I just wanna end it all tbh. It’s getting too much. But I’m still hanging on just by a twig, I …

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Yoursoulmate Yoursoulmate 1 November


Hello, here's a remainder, 54 days left. 1st November 2021.

Hello, only 53 days till christmas! How exciting. 2nd Novemeber 2021.

Hello, only 52 days till santa comes! Wow. 3rd November 2021.

Omg only 26 days until christmas! Well I missed alot of days :/ 29th November 2021.

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Wormsonthesidewalk Wormsonthesidewalk 30 October

Looking for list :D

Looking for list! organized by worth (based on wiki, I can never track the actual aj system well lol) Will trade over for some items, I can also trade mps! Jag me (wormsonthesidewalk) or comment :D


  • friendship shoji screen
  • friendship tea set
  • patch of lolipops
  • art camp smock
  • art camp pallette shoes
  • non rare carousel hat (teal)
  • ferris wheel hat (green n purple)


  • bowl and whisk
  • stand mixer
  • macarons
  • snow cone drink tray (light blue)
  • apple pie
  • upside down heart window (default red or light blue)
  • dyed rocker hair
  • anemone head bow (red or blue)
  • rainbow tail armor (not the pastel spring version)
  • dress up trunk
  • cookie table 2015
  • Beta party microwave
  • Beta party kitchen countertop
  • Beta party kitchen faucet

Clothing betas

  • teacup (red or green)
  • painters sketching ta…
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Thecowisgone Thecowisgone 19 October


If you are here then you get a free magenta necklace 🤩🥳🤩🥳🤩

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PumpSp!ceMuffin PumpSp!ceMuffin 17 October


italians like spagetti idk

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IzzyTradeMark IzzyTradeMark 17 October


Keep In mind, I'll Update this Frequently!!

Currently looking for!:

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Idklolhaha34 Idklolhaha34 14 October

Selling/ Trading Bitter Sweet Items!

Hiii!  Okay so I have collected A LOT of Bitter Sweets items in my spare time and don’t have enough inventory space for them all lol. This is my list of things I have

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GlxtchedGamer GlxtchedGamer 13 October

Profile Coding 2.0

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Forgetleaves Forgetleaves 9 October

Forget's Snazzy Adventure Shop


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Adorablepiggy Adorablepiggy 9 October

How to set a custom cursor

Credits to the Customization Wiki for the code!

1. Upload the pictures you want as your cursor (use this link), you'll need 1 default and 1 hovering cursor pic. For example, these are my pink cursor pics:

2. After you click "Upload", it should bring you to the file page.

3. Click the pic under the thumbnail. It'll have "/revision/latest?cb=Abunchofnumbers123456789lol" at the end

4. Keep the tab open, you'll copy and paste the link later

5. Go to

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Junesparkle14 Junesparkle14 9 October

Fandom got kinda lazy


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Dreenie Dreenie 9 October

Important but random links???


woah dreenie exposed!!

Quitting???: break/quitting

When me and heat started dating 😳: heenie 4 ever

i miss you reeses:(

my most popular poll

woah someone called me epic let’s go

woah someone made a poll about me

awwe, a little appreciation note

Murderer or murdered???

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Dreenie Dreenie 8 October

Addiction poem (TW smoking, mentions of drinking and etc..)

Yes, smoking is bad.

But we’re all addicted to something that ruins us, for some it’s drinking, others it’s toxic relationships they think they can fix.

People might starve themselves, chase a lost love, live on caffeine, never sleep, hurt themselves.

but my addiction is being silent and letting my pain consume me, but that’s all going to change. We need to be better for the world and I promise you, things will get better ❤️‍🩹

(The first three sentences I didn’t come up with, I made the last part of the poem, so credits to the author who came up with the first THREE sentences)

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TheObjectThing15 TheObjectThing15 26 August


Would this pet anglerfish be worth anything ?? It is dressed up and (i think) the only way to dress one up is to do a play as your pet party glitch where you can bring underwater animals in, but the glitch is earthier really hard to perform or is patched.

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Renee1443 Renee1443 25 August

Items for Trade

Cross Trading! Only taking pets if they’re exotics or gliders! (I’m paying in AJC btw)


2 solids

1 purple long

1 purple long wristband

2 pink short wristbands


Butterfly Wings


Idk choose anything from my pet list and offer! My user is renee1443 and I’m mostly picky on my squirrel…

Other items:

nerd glasses (worth a den beta)

i think 6 eco wind turbines check in my den for exact amount

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Cackles19 Cackles19 25 August


Hope everyone is having a brilliant day wherever you are, especially if the pandemic is still present where you live, it is here in Ireland :,)

If you havent eaten today, go eat

Have some water

Talk to someone you havent chatted with in a while

Enjoy your day cos someone cares about you !

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Emyrox7 Emyrox7 24 August


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Øisin Øisin 24 August


Just some info about my commissions!

headshot sketch costs: 10-15 rims!

full-body sketch costs: 1 cb!

headshot (No colour) costs: 2 cbs!

full body (No colour) costs: 3cbs!

headshot (with colours) costs: 5cbs or a member den beta or beta wall/floor!

full-body (with colours) costs: 6-8cbs or 1-2 nm den betas!

headshot (with colours+shading) decent short wrist-good short wrist!

full-body (with colours+shading) good short wrist-bad long wrist!


soild colour backround: 5 rims

backround with patterns: 10-15 rims (depends on the pattern, u can chose the pattern btw)

backround with scenery: 1-3 cbs (depends on the season/area)

examples: (these are some commissions that ive done)

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Øisin Øisin 24 August


just some items im looking for!

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Øisin Øisin 24 August

Øisin's Plushie Shop!

Restocks every week! 😊

(alphabetical order)

Arctic wolf plushies: 2 normal, 1 dressed

Bunny plushies: 7 normal, 0 dressed

Crocodile plushies: 5 normal, 0 dressed | Cheetah plushies: 4 normal, 1 dressed | cougar plushies:10+

Deer plushies: 5 normal, 0 dressed

Eagle Plushies: 4, normal, 0 dressed | Elephant plushies: 5 normal, 0 dressed

Fox plushies: 1 normal, 0 dressed

Giraffe plushies: 3 normal, 1 dressed

Horse plushies: 4 normal, 0 dressed

Koala plushies: 7 normal, 1 dressed | kangaroo plushies: 1 normal, 0 dressed

Lion plushies: 3 normal, 1 dressed

Monkey plushies: 5 normal, 0 dressed

Panda plushies: 1 normal, 0 dressed | penguin plushies: 5 normal, 0 dressed

Racoon Plushies: 3 normal, 0 dressed | rhino plushies: 2 normal, 1 dressed

Seal plushies: 1 no…

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-IcyPikachu- -IcyPikachu- 19 August


  • 1 I'm looking to trade ALL of these away for listed value, preferably in bulk. Please reply below with which item you are interested in and your offer.
  • 2 Den Items
    • 2.1 Member
    • 2.2 Non-Member
  • 3 Clothing Items
    • 3.1 Member
    • 3.2 Non-Member
  • 4 Images (some may be missing but refer to text above)

  • Seashell Wind Chime
  • AJ Classic Game Console
  • Seashell Collection (4)
  • Angry Jack-O'-Lantern
  • Cafe Prep Counter (red)
  • Spring Flower Wreath

  • Acacia Pet Tree
  • Frog Wall Art (2 pink, blue, red, black)
  • Square Hedge (4)
  • Lit Pig Topiary (2)
  • Octopus Arch (2)
  • Koa Tiki Statue (2)
  • Kapena Tiki Statue
  • Momi Tiki Statue (2)
  • Pet Tiki Hut (3)
  • Tavie's Guitar (6)
  • Eco Wind Turbine (19)
  • Giant Pinecone (3)
  • Spooky Eyeball Rug
  • AJ Alpha Spotlight
  • AJ Alpha Monument
  • Spring Egg Hedge
  • Heart-Shaped Hedge (2)
  • Lucky Table
  • Candy Shop…

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Nikkoseo Nikkoseo 18 August

woah im so swaggers


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Lilalien29 Lilalien29 16 August

Flower Crown

I'm looking for a black and RIM flower crown. I'm trading spikes for them. Jag me if you have them for sell or trade. User: Lilalien29

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Kirumom Kirumom 15 August

Black/white wall coding


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Rena-no-rage Rena-no-rage 12 August

adventure commission I guess

so im doing adventure commission cuz im bored and I wanna try XD

here r possible (main) prices, might change:

for single item: rims, taking 3-10 depending on adventure difficulty (for example different chests might vary)

for bulk: since everything is worth -a few rims- im doing


3-5 items for a cb (again, depending on adventure),

10-15 items for a db (nm/mm depends),

3 0-40 for good short (blue/purp/red/black),

and 70+ for longs.


again, prices may vary :3 also, when doing bulk 20+, I'll prolly trd for ur spike first for 20 then do the others.

I DONT DO 2D adventures!!!!!!!! OR DO REMOVED REWARDS!!!!!!!

ONCE u order a commission and I start, u HAVE TO PAY unless u find someone else willing to pay the same thin…

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L0verAgain L0verAgain 7 August


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Dreenie Dreenie 3 August

Cruella De Vil code

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Pirokai Pirokai 1 August

Commission for den items

If you are looking for a particular den item, please contact me here or by discord!

My discord : _PIRO Ω#6419

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Junesparkle14 Junesparkle14 27 July

Acnh birthday month buddies

I was born in June so

  • June 1: Keaton
  • June 2: Lucy
  • June 3: Filbert
  • June 4: Reneigh
  • June 5: Camofrog
  • June 6: Lyle, Raddle
  • June 7: Timmy and Tommy, Zell
  • June 8: Peanut
  • June 9: Alfonso
  • June 10: Walker
  • June 11: Pudge
  • June 12: Bettina
  • June 13: Scoot
  • June 14: Pippy
  • June 15: Maple
  • June 16: Roscoe
  • June 17: Spike, Tangy
  • June 18: Cookie
  • June 19: Sally
  • June 20: Graham, Phineas
  • June 21: Sydney
  • June 22: Jacques
  • June 23: Tammy
  • June 24: Bluebear
  • June 25: Drake
  • June 26: Marina
  • June 27: Deena
  • June 28: Cooper, Kidd
  • June 29: Merry
  • June 30: Broccolo, Weber
  • I get Timmy and Tommy WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ( and tangy
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Dreenie Dreenie 25 July

Purple aesthetic code

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Eselcool Eselcool 23 July

ajiww/aj screenshots that are taking too much space on my comp lol

-edit: nvm haha

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Cupcakeland Cupcakeland 22 July

stuff 4

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AnimalJammer3321 AnimalJammer3321 19 July

Lion's Mane Trade Requests & Attempts

Hello! This is my first blog post!

So on this post, please comment offers for my Lion's Mane!


  1. Only comment an offer of you have the item, are really sure you want to trade that item and that item is worth the amount the item you are reading for is worth.
  2. Please do not undertrade or scam.
  1. I will reply to your message if I will accept your trade request.

So that's pretty much it! Your comment must have your username and how I should contact you (Jag, Message Wall, etc.)


My user is c7a by the way and if you want to jag your offer instead, please do.

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L4TTE18 L4TTE18 18 July

trading promo clothing!

trading promo stufff

since the wiki hates us today we currently have and are offering:

Light up Swirl Ring - 1 red long

Police Chief Hat - a decent long or a bad long or a decent short

Elegant Butterfly Wings - Good long + Decent short/Bad short

Mystical Faerie Wings - Good long + decent short/bad short

Epic Pizza Hat - Good long

Our AJ account is Latte18 if you wanna offer :)

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Dreenie Dreenie 15 July

Meg code

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CuddleCat14 CuddleCat14 14 July

My AJ Story

Hey! So I just wanted to tell you guys my story about me playing AJ. So it all started in November of 2019. I decided I wanted to play a new game, so I went looking for some fun ones online. Then I came across Animal Jam, and I was like, okay, sure, why not? Then I started playing, I really enjoyed it, made friends, played games and had lots of fun! then I came across the things members can do, and I decided I really wanted to be one, so I asked my parents, and after a lot of begging (Like A LOT) they finally said yes, we made it official, and got membership for one month just to try it out,. I really liked it, and decided we should do a year! We did it, and that's where I am today. I've lost and gained many friends, and Animal jam is a v…

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Pumapog Pumapog 14 July


If you think about it really, you're not thinking hard enough

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Should i sell my solid

i already sold it sadly-

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Dreenie Dreenie 11 July

Dr. Facilier code

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GlxtchedGamer GlxtchedGamer 11 July

Mini coding the fourth

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