Collectors may overtrade for certain variants of this item. We provide a base worth, but someone who wants the item could trade more. The amount traded for this item often depends on the jammer.

Last updated 8/27/20

The Charm Token can also be found on this page. The Charm Necklaces and Charm Bracelets can also be found on this page.

The Charm Necklace and Charm Bracelet were obtainable through the use of the Charm Token, which is a promotional item redeemed through the purchase of the Animal Jam DIY Charm Bracelet Kids Craft Kit, or the Animal Jam DIY Charm Locket Kids Craft Kit. Upon clicking the Charm Token, a shop will open up, giving options of purchasing two Charm Items; one for a buddy, and one for yourself.

Notice: The charms are customizable by the player who used the Charm Token and come in many colored variants. The versions shown here are the default ones.

Charm Token

Charm Token
1 Black Long Collar, sometimes more

Charm Necklaces

Multicolored Solid Striped
Bad Long Collar, maybe more or less Bad Long Collar, maybe more or less Bad Long Collar, maybe more or less

Charm Bracelets

Multicolored Solid Striped
Good Short Collar Good Short Collar Good Short Collar

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