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Last Updated 9/18/21

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The Crystal Pegasus Armor can be obtained by redeeming a code from the Gem Squad Toy.

Crystal Pegasus Horn

Blue/Default Pink White Black
Crystal Pegasus Horn.png
Crystal Pegasus Horn 3.png
Crystal Pegasus Horn 4.png
Crystal Pegasus Horn 2.png
10 Black Long Collars 10 Black Long Collars 14 Black Long Collars 15 Black Long Collars

Crystal Pegasus Wings

Blue/Default Pink White Black
Crystal Pegasus Wings.png
Crystal Pegasus Wings 1.png
Crystal Pegasus Wings 4.png
Crystal Pegasus Wings 2.png
15-20 Black Long Collars 15-20 Black Long Collars 25 Black Long Collars 27 Black Long Collars,

Crystal Pegasus Gauntlets

Blue/Default Pink White Black
3 Black Long Collars 3 Black Long Collars 5 Black Long Collars 5 Black Long Collars

Crystal Pegasus Tail

Blue/Default Pink White Black
40 Black Long Collars 40 Black Long Collars 75-80 Black Long Collars, sometimes more 125 Black Long Collars, maybe more

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