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The Cupid Wings were first released on February 6, 2014, and was formerly sold at Jam Mart Clothing. On its second release, the old versions were replaced by new versions with a duller shine.

Notice: The white Cupid Wings are not "glossy" because both the 2014 and 2015 white Cupid Wings look exactly the same. Rare Item Monday Cupid Wings are also not "glossy," despite them having a white shine because it was not released alongside the other 'glossy' wings.

Glossy Cupid Wings

When Cupid Wings were first released, they had a glossy white shine on them. There are seven varieties of these wings. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS WHITE GLOSSIES.

Unlike the others, the black glossy wings have a grey shine instead of a pure white shine. However, it is still different items from the ones released in 2015.

Black/Default Pink Blue Purple Red Green Tan
GlossCupidWings1 GlossCupidWings2 GlossCupidWings3 GlossCupidWings4 GlossCupidWings5 GlossCupidWings6 GlossCupidWings7
Black Long Collar, sometimes more

2 Black Long Collars

2 Black Long Collars

7 Black Long Collars, maybe more

11 Black Long Collars, maybe more

13-14 Black Long Collars

50 Black Long Collars, sometimes more

Non-Glossy Cupid Wings

This item is a Clothing Beta.

The non-glossy cupid wings were released in 2015. They were not released alongside the original Cupid Wings and lack the white gloss/shine, therefore are not considered "glossy".

Black/Default Pink Blue Purple Green Red Tan White
NonGlossCupidWings1 NonGlossCupidWings2 NonGlossCupidWings3 NonGlossCupidWings4 NonGlossCupidWings5 NonGlossCupidWings6 NonGlossCupidWings7 NonGlossCupidWings8
Den Beta Den Beta Den Beta Den Beta Den Beta 1 Den Beta Den Beta Den Beta

Other Variants

Rare Item Monday
Blue - Purple Long Collar

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