Animal Jam Item Worth Wiki

Last Updated 8/25/21

The Diamond Spring Collection was first released one item at a time from February 24, 2017 to March 1, 2017, and was sold in the Diamond Shop. The collection returns annually to the Diamond Shop during the Spring Festival.

Spring Flower Braid Spring Elf Tail Armor Spring Double Ribbon Bow Spring Mask Spring Bow and Arrows Spring Dragonfly Hair Clip Spring Worn Blanket Spring Lace Bow Spring Glove Spring Baby Bonnet Spring Party Hat Spring Sun Hoodie
SpringFlowerBraid.png SpringElfTailArmor1.png SpringDoubleRibbonBow.png SpringMask.png SpringBowAndArrows.png SpringDragonflyHairClip.png SpringWornBlanket1.png SpringLaceBow.png SpringGlove.png SpringBabyBonnet.png SpringPartyHat.png SpringSunHoodie.png
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