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Last Updated 4/29/22

The Elf Tail Armor is in a set with the Elf ArmorElf Bracelets, and Elf Helmet.

The Elf Tail Armor was released as a Monthly Member Gift in March 2012. Some colors were re-released into the Diamond Shop in 2015. The colors which were not re-released became known as the "Beta Tails", or simply "Tails" and are highly desired by Jammers today. Other variants were also added for seasonal celebrations; most of these were sold in the Diamond Shop.

'Beta' Elf Tail Armor

Notice: Newer Jammers sometimes mistake the brown Diamond Shop tail for the tan "beta" tail. If your tail has a Diamond symbol on it, then it is NOT a "beta" tail. Jammers also tend to mistake the Silver and Gold Elf Tail for a "beta" tail, which it is not.

Tan Green Pink Purple White
BetaElfTailArmor11.png BetaElfTailArmor21.png BetaElfTailArmor31.png BetaElfTailArmor41.png BetaElfTailArmor51.png
1 Black Long Collar 1.5 Black Long Collars 2 Black Long Collars 2.5 Black Long Collars 5-6 Black Long Collars

Diamond Shop Variants

The Elf Tail Armor was released in 2013, and was formerly sold at the Diamond Shop. It left stores on May 23, 2018.

Gray & Red/Default Gray & Blue Green & Purple Gray-Blue Purple & Orange Pink & Purple Brown Peach
ElfTailArmor11.png ElfTailArmor21.png ElfTailArmor31.png ElfTailArmor41.png ElfTailArmor51.png ElfTailArmor61.png ElfTailArmor71.png ElfTailArmor81.png
Clothing Beta Clothing Beta Clothing Beta Clothing Beta Clothing Beta Clothing Beta Clothing Beta Clothing Beta

Other Variations

Silver and Gold Spring Freedom Magenta Mania
SilverAndGoldElfTailArmor1.png SpringElfTailArmor1.png FreedomElfTailArmor1.png
1 Clothing Beta - Den Beta Not much; in stores Den Beta A Few RIMs

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