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Not to be confused with the Non Rare Carnival Items.

The Feathered Mask was released on October 13, 2012, and was formerly sold at Epic Wonders. It can be won in The Forgotten Desert.

Notice: This item is considered a "fake" Clothing Beta. Scammers may try to trick you into thinking it is a clothing beta, or more than what it is valued at.

Pink/Default Blue Brown Purple Turquoise Green Light Green Red Rare Carnival Version
FeatheredMask1 FeatheredMask2 FeatheredMask3 FeatheredMask4 FeatheredMask5 FeatheredMask6 FeatheredMask7 FeatheredMask8 RareFeatheredMask
A Few RIMs A Few RIMs A Few RIMs A Few RIMs A Few RIMs A Few RIMs A Few RIMs A Few RIMs 1-2 Den Betas

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