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Not to be confused with the Rare Promo Plushies, Epic Plushies, Rare Giant Lion Plushie, Summer Carnival Plushies, or McDonald's Happy Meal Plushies.

The Giant Plushies were first released on April 14, 2011, and were formerly sold at the Conservation Museum. They were taken out of stores in 2013.  

The Black Giant Wolf Plushie was first released on December 1, 2011, and was formerly sold in Epic Wonders. It was then removed from stores sometime in June 2015. This can be won in The Forgotten Desert.

Giant Raccoon Plushie

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Conservation-Museum Giant-Raccoon-Plushie
Museum-Den-Shop Giant-Tiger-Plushie
Animal-Museum-Shop Giant-Wolf-Plushie
Animal Jam Giant Fox Plushies
Museum-Den-Shop Giant-Crocodile-Plushie
Museum-Den-Shop Giant-Monkey-Plushie
Museum-Den-Shop Giant-Panda-Plushie
Museum-Den-Shop Giant-Horse-Plushie
Animal-Museum-Shop Giant-Koala-Plushie
Museum-Den-Shop Giant-Giraffe-Plushie
Museum-Den-Shop Giant-Elephant-Plushie
Animal-Museum-Shop Giant-Bunny-Plushie
Animal-Museum Giant-Rhino-Plushie
Museum-Den-Shop Giant-Penguin-Plushie
Museum-Den-Shop Giant-Seal-Plushie
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