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Last Updated 9/19/20

The Glitched Rings were originally released on September 6, 2013, and were only available in only two glitched variants. Shortly after its release, it was replaced with eight new variants. These two original variants are now very valuable to the Animal Jam community, bearing the name "glitched rings."

In early 2018, a "third glitched ring" was discovered. Its color is slightly different than that of the first glitched ring. It looks very similar to the first glitched ring, except the green circle-face is a duller color and the markings on the side of the ring are also duller. Its origins were unknown, but on January 10, 2019, AJHQ gifted a few Third Glitched Rings in one of their giveaway livestreams.

The First Glitched Ring is part of the "Beta Set". 

First and Third Glitched Rings

First Glitched Ring Third Glitched Ring
FirstGlitchedRing ThirdGlitchedRing
36 Black Long Collars, sometimes less Under Investigation

Second Glitched Ring and Turquoise Ring (Storebought)

Notice: Be cautious while trading for the second Ring. Many Jammers attempt to scam by using the in-stores variants. The second glitched ring is the one with darker highlights than the surrounding color, unlike any of the in-stores variants, which have lighter highlights.

Second Glitched Ring Turquoise Ring (Storebought)
Fake ring
3 Black Long Collars Not much; in stores

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