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The Non RIM variants are Clothing Betas.

The Jamaaliday Bow was first released in December 2010, and was formerly sold at Jam Mart Clothing during the Jamaalidays, but stopped returning to stores after December 2013. It can be won in the Forgotten Desert.

Notice: The Rare Big Bow has the same appearance as the Jamaaliday Bow and is rare, but it is NOT a Jamaaliday Bow. There is no such thing as a Rare Jamaaliday Bow.

Red/Default Yellow Green Teal Purple Pink Black White Rare Item Monday
JamaalidayBow1 JamaalidayBow2 JamaalidayBow3 JamaalidayBow4 JamaalidayBow5 JamaalidayBow6 JamaalidayBow8 JamaalidayBow7 RIMBigBow

Den Beta

1 Den Beta 1 Den Beta 1 Den Beta 1 Den Beta 1 Den Beta Den Betas 3-4 Den Betas 4-6 RIMs

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