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The Jamaaliday Scarf was first released on December 11, 2012, and was formerly sold at the Shiveer Shoppe. It returns annually during the Jamaalidays through the Jamaaliday Gift Calendar, with the exception of the tan variant. The rare version was released on December 12, 2014, and is available as a prize in the Jamaaliday Rescue adventure. All variants with the exception of the Rare variant were available as part of the Jamaalidays in July Wild Weekend event.

Red/Default Black Pink Blue Green Purple Purple-Gray Tan Rare Jamaaliday Scarf
Shiveer-Shoppe Jamaaliday-Scarf Red
Shiveer-Shoppe Jamaaliday-Scarf Black
Shop Jamaaliday-Scarf Pink
Shiveer-Shoppe Jamaaliday-Scarf Blue
Shiveer-Shoppe Jamaaliday-Scarf Green
Shiveer-Shoppe Jamaaliday-Scarf Purple
Shiveer-Shoppe Jamaaliday-Scarf Grey
Shiveer-Shoppe Jamaaliday-Scarf Orange
Rare jamaaliday scarf
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