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The Masterpiece Token was first released as a promo item from the Animal Jam Sketchbook during March 2017. It was later received as a gift from the Jamaaliday Gift Calendar 2017 on the 6th and 14th of December. In July 2018, five of them could be received in the Monthly Membership Bundle. It returned again for the 4th gift from the Jamaaliday Gift Calendar in 2018, as well as the 4th gift from the Jamaaliday Gift Calendar in 2019.

Notice: Sometimes, AJ artists may take Masterpiece Tokens instead of what they usually get traded for their art. This does not mean their art is worth 1 Clothing Beta. The reason why some artists accept Masterpiece Tokens as an alternative to other items is because: a) some AJ artists are nonmembers so the tokens are their only way of making art, so they'd like to have some to make art with or b) they don't want to use as many diamonds when making art.

Masterpiece Token
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