Last Updated 4/16/20

The Ornament Earrings were first released on December 18, 2014. They return to Jam Mart Clothing annually during the Jamaalidays.

The Glitched Ornament Earrings are a glitched version of the Ornament Earrings. The left ornament is a darker green than the original Green & Yellow/Red color. The glitched version was sold in stores, then replaced by the Green & Yellow/Red version after the color wheel glitched.

"Glitched" Version Green & Yellow/Red  Blue & Silver/Orange Red & Lavender/Pink Black & Purple/Lavender Orange & Yellow/Green Pink & Lavender/Red Purple & Silver/Blue White & Gray/Black
Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 9.32.41 AM
Shop Ornament-Earrings Green
Shop Ornament-Earrings Blue
Shop Ornament-Earrings Red
Shop Ornament-Earrings Black
Shop Ornament-Earrings Orange
Shop Ornament-Earrings Pink
Shop Ornament-Earrings Purple
Shop Ornament-Earrings White
Decent - Good Long Collar  A Few RIMs  A Few RIMs  A Few RIMs  A Few RIMs  A Few RIMs  A Few RIMs A Few RIMs  A Few RIMs

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