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Any items listed as Under Investigation on this page are currently being researched by staff. If you have trade attempts with these items or information about these items, please message a staff member.

Last Updated 9/22/21

The Plaques are obtained as gifts sent from AJHQ. Some have been discontinued and their value can only rise.

The Giant Rare Plaque can be seen on this page.

Original Plaques

Some of these standard plaques are obtained through certain activities in the game and on The Daily Explorer. However, some were replaced by Diamond Plaques and are no longer obtainable. Moreover, some of the plaques have no substitute and are no longer obtainable.

Online Safety Plaque Artist Plaque Howl Plaque Epic Den Plaque AJHQ Plaque Contest Plaque News Crew Plaque Video Plaque Reward Plaque
Online Safety.png
Epic Den.png
News Crew.png
Video Plaque.png
Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 9.03.33 PM.png
RIM 1 Den Beta Den Beta Bad Short Collar Good Short Collar Under Investigation Under Investigation Under Investigation 400-500 Black Long Collars, maybe more

Diamond Plaques

These diamond plaques are obtainable and can be done so through certain activities in the game and on The Daily Explorer. They replace some of the Original Plaques.

Diamond Jammer Art Plaque Diamond Jammer Snaps Plaque Diamond News Crew Plaque
News crew diamond plaque.png
Good Short Collar - Bad Long Collar Bad - Decent Long Collar Bad - Decent Long Collar

Community Plaques

These plaques are obtained through activities outside of the game and The Daily Explorer.

Fan Art Plaque Community Contest Plaque Positive Player Plaque Jambassador Plaque Videographer Plaque
Bad - Decent Long Collar Good Long Collar Good Short Collar 400 Black Long Collars, maybe more Under Investigation

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