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Rare Spiked Collars have been removed as prizes from adventures and can no longer be obtained. However, Wristbands can still be obtained in The Forgotten Desert and Tiki Trouble.

Last Updated 3/8/21

For information on the Magenta Rare Short Spiked Wristband, see the Magenta Items page.

The Rare Short Spiked Wristband was one of the original Member Gifts, first released in July 2011. It is sometimes called 'Rare Short Wrist,' or simply just 'Short Wrist'. This item is obtainable through The Forgotten Desert.

Orange Green Yellow Pink Blue Purple Red Black
Orange short wrist.png
Green short wrist.png
Yellow short wrist.png
Pink short wrist.png
Blue short wrist.png
Purple short wrist.png
Red short wrist.png
Black short wrist.png
Den Beta, usually less Den Beta, usually less Den Beta Den Beta Den Beta 1-2 Den Betas 1-2 Den Betas 2-3 Den Betas or a Bad Long Wrist
Bad Bad Decent Decent Good Good Good Best


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