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The Retired Adventure Items are adventure-exclusive items which have been retired/removed. These include items from testing versions of new adventures and seasonal adventure prizes that AJHQ has retired.

Return of the Phantoms (Testing Period in 2013)

These items were available during the testing period of the Return of the Phantoms adventure. They were available from June 18, 2013, to July 11, 2013. They've been unobtainable since. These are not real den betas.

For the current Return of the Phantoms adventure prizes, click here.

BETA Well BETA Flower Bush BETA Flower Barrel BETA Carrot Patch
Return-of-the-Phantoms-Prize BETA-Flower-Barrel
Den Betas Den Betas Den Betas Den Betas

The Hidden Falls

The Hidden Falls was first released on August 4, 2016. In an update on September 1, 2016, the prizes listed below were removed from the adventure for unknown reasons.

For the current Hidden Falls adventure prizes, click here.

Cavern Crystal Cavern Crystal Cluster Sir Gilbert's Coat Of Arms Sir Gilbert's Pet Tent Graham's Table Graham's Sofa Graham's Chair
Cavern Crystal
Cavern Crystal Cluster
Sir Gilbert's Coat Of Arms
Sir Gilbert's Pet Tent
Graham's Table
Grahams sofa
Graham's Chair
Den Beta Den Beta Den Beta Den Beta 1 Clothing Beta, maybe more 1 Clothing Beta - Den Beta 1 Clothing Beta - Den Beta

Discontinued Rare Special Delivery Prizes

Special Delivery Items are items that are released as prizes in the Special Delivery adventure during the Friendship Festival. They return every year, except for the ones which were released in 2015 and gained a rare tag after 2016.

For the continued Special Delivery prizes, click here.

The regular Wishing Well can be found here.

Rare Valentine Bag (2015) Rare Snow Fence (2015) Rare Owl Messenger Statue (2015) Rare Frozen Pond Door (2015) Rare Burrow Door (2015) Rare Valentine Mailbox (2015) Rare Winter Wishing Well (2015) Rare Igloo (2015) Rare Metal Chimney (2015)
Rare Burrow Door
Item Rare-Igloo
Rare metal chimney
Bad Short Collar Den Betas 3-4 Den Betas 2 Den Betas Den Betas 2 Den Betas 2 Den Betas 1-2 Den Betas 2 Den Betas

Discontinued Lucky Clovers Prizes

Lucky Clovers is a seasonal adventure that returns every March for St. Patrick's Day, or Lucky Day. These items may be desired by nature collectors. The reason for to the items' removal is unknown.

For the continued Lucky Clovers prizes, click here.

X Marks The Spot Lucky Wardrobe
Den Beta 2-3 Den Betas

Discontinued New Year's Fortune Items

These items were all released in 2017 and 2018, at the New Year's Fortune adventure and have been discontinued as it is no longer the Year of the Rooster or the Year of the Dog. 

For all of the New Year's Fortune prizes, click here.

Year of the Rooster Items (2017)

Rooster Streamer Rooster Rug Rooster Wall Art Rooster Stepping Stones Rooster's Roost
A Few RIMs A Few RIMs A Few RIMs A Few RIMs A Few RIMs

Year of the Dog Items (2018)

Poodle Rug Poodle Stepping Stones Poodle Streamer Poodle Wall Art Poodle's Palace
A Few RIMs A Few RIMs A Few RIMs A Few RIMs A Few RIMs

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