Last Updated 8/3/20

The current Jamaaliday Rescue Prizes can be found here.

The Rare Wreath Necklace can also be seen here.

The Retired Jamaaliday Rescue Prizes were formerly obtainable through the Jamaaliday Rescue adventure in 2015, but have not been obtainable since.

Rare Jamaaliday Reindeer Mask Rare Jamaaliday Topcoat Rare Pinecone Necklace Rare Wreath Necklace Rare Jingle Bell Bracelet
Jamaaliday Reindeer Mask
Jamaaliday Top Coat
Pinecone Necklace
Ugly boy
Jingle Jingle i hate christmas cheer
Den Betas Den Betas Den Betas

Minimum Value: 3 Black Long Collars

Maximum Value: 4 Black Long Collars

3-4 Den Betas
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