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The listed values for Pets are the MINIMUM values. Features of a Pet, such as: color, eyes, hair, pattern, etc. may affect the worth of a pet. Some pets are worth more than the value listed.


Be aware of fake custom pet traders. Pet codes will never be offered at any link for free. And a real pet code trade would not require either person to go first. The safe method of trading for a pet code is agreeing upon an offer then telling the person with the code to make the pet the way you want, and trading normally in-game.

Last Updated 1/16/22

The images for all Pets depict (arguably) the worst possible creations, and therefore reflect minimum values. A maximum value is impossible to assign to most pets.

"Small" Rare Promo Pets

"Small" Rare Promo Pets are described as "Small" in relation to their value, they are normally worth less than "Big" Rare Promo Pets, more common and more easily obtainable. The Magenta Seal and Galactic Firefly can be found here.

Non-Member Pet Phantom Pet Golden Bunny Pet Squirrel Pet Mouse Pet Firefly Pet Grasshopper Pet Ladybug Pet Mantis
Jammers Juice Party Playset Pet Stop Pals Playset Ultra Rare Peacock Adopt A Pet House Ultra Rare Butterfly Adopt A Pet House Redeeming 15 Adopt A Pet Houses Redeeming 30 Adopt A Pet Houses Redeeming 40 Adopt A Pet Houses Redeeming 65 Adopt A Pet Houses
Ugliest Worth Squirrel.png

Minimum Value: 1 Black Long Collar

Maximum Value: Undefined

Minimum Value: Decent Long Collar, maybe less

Maximum Value: Undefined

Minimum Value: Black Long Collar, maybe less

Maximum Value: Undefined

Minimum Value: Good Long Collar, maybe more

Maximum Value: Undefined

Minimum Value: Good Long Collar + Decent Long Collar

Maximum Value: Undefined

Minimum Value: Red Long Collar

Maximum Value: Undefined

Minimum Value: Red Long Collar

Maximum Value: Undefined

Minimum Value: 2 Good Long Collars

Maximum Value: Undefined

Non-Promo Pets

These are Pets that didn't come from redeeming codes from Jazwares toys. They were all obtainable through stores at one point, playing mini-games on Animal Jam or via an AJ Seasonal Box. Bears made in 2020 are "Hacked" bears, most of the time they go for less than normal bears that were made in 2018-2019.

Rare Member Pet Phantom Pet Turtle Meagyn's Pet Bear Pet Puppy with Effects Pet Snake with Effects Pet Duck with Effects
October 27-31, 2016 August 2012 - Mid-Late 2017 November 29, 2018 - Early January 2019 Collect 100 golden discs from the Disc Toss game Collect 100 golden mice from the Sssssnake game Collect 100 golden ducks from the Ducky Dash game
Bear lash.png
Flying bones effect.png
Snakes with skulls.jpg
Pet duck.png

Minimum Value: Decent Long Collar, sometimes more

Maximum Value: Undefined

Not much; in stores

Minimum Value: Bad Long Collar

Maximum Worth: Undefined

2-3 Den Betas 2-3 Den Betas 2-3 Den Betas


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