• Do you want me to block him on the promo pets wiki?

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    • Go ahead.

      Also, this page has been a long time coming.

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    • To be honest I don't like your scammer watch wiki, but that page on him is well deserved.

      If you want you can add that he scammed me out of a tan hd by making me over for the phantom I made to get him back.

      I traded the phantom to him in february for 3 worth, because he said it was fair and I wanted the squirrels he had. A few minutes later someone posted on the wiki that my phantom was likely 4 or more.

      I wanted him back, and a few months later I ran into kashif while trying to trade for something else. I offered really high to get him back because he was on kashifs trade and I did not want him to get traded and me not know who too. He says he will think about my offer

      The next day he says he recycled all his phantoms. I freak out naturally that the phantom I made has been recycled.

      I search his pet list and realize it is still there. When he gets online I immediately trade 11-12 solids worth of stuff to get the phantom back, so he won't be recycled.

      I don't have much evidence but I can try and search through old wiki posts to find some.

      Pet wiki is giving me errors while trying to block him, but if he ever posts there he will be swiftly blocked

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      that is one of his spares.

      The squirrel incident was him not trading me some squirrels I wanted in the initial trade. I don't count that as part of the scam though because he made up for the squirrel incident with some longs.

      The trade where I traded a tan hd for the phantom

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    • Thanks, sorry you got scammed. Obviously, other staff discovered that was a spare account, as it's blocked. I may add this thread to the scammer page and I'll try to block on the promo pets wiki.

      The AJSW definitely needs improvements, and if you have any suggestions, let me know. The wiki's entire concept isn't appealing to a lot of people, understandably.

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