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    13:22, April 4, 2019

    sorry i didn't know you were so sensitive r/niceguy

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    • And I didn't know you were such a Vixen. (No, I'm not referring to a Fox.) Atleast I didn't go onto your Message Wall and laugh at you. Yea, I am sensitive. Sensitive enough to not have you participate in my Masterpiece Commission Thread.

      Good job for criticizing me, a 10 Year-old. You absolutely obliterated me mate. Also kudos for that spectacular use of Spelling! Quite impressive. (Take that as a compliment from someone who didn't even starting learning English until 4 Years ago)

      You know what! Since you completely roasted me. I should trade you a Black Rare Long Spiked Collar for it! Not like you would care, since I am assuming you have plenty.

      Thanks for dropping by my Message Wall! I really appreciate you taking your time- who am I kidding. No one cares what I say. Well that's what a sensitive person would say, right?

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    • If you have further comments or questions, I suggest making a new Thread onto my Message Wall. :)

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