Last Updated 9/1/20

The Tiki Mask was first released during the Beta Testing. The item is actually called "Mask" but is more often referred to as "Tiki Mask," or simply "Tiki" by many Jammers.


Blue Red & White Red and Yellow Black Raspberry Green Pink Tan
Mask shops 3
Mask shops 1
Mask shops 7
Mask shops 5
Mask shops 2
Mask shops 4
Mask shops 6
Mask shops 8

5-6 Black Long Collars

6 Black Long Collars, maybe more

6 Black Long Collars + Red Long Collar + Decent Long Collar, maybe more

7 Black Long Collars + Red Long Collar + Decent Long Collar

7-8 Black Long Collars

8-9 Black Long Collars

10-11 Black Long Collars

24 Black Long Collars, maybe more

Other Variations

Rare Friendship Mask Freedom Mask Scary Mask New Year's Mask Spring Mask
Rare Friendship Mask
Scary Mask
Spring Mask-0
A Few RIMs A Few RIMs A Few RIMs A Few RIMs A Few RIMs

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