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Top Hats were formerly sold at Jam Mart Clothing and then re-released twice in the Hatapalooza event. There are normal Top Hats, a Yellow Founders Hat, a Leap Year Top Hat, a Custom Top Hat, and Holiday Top Hats. Some of the other Top Hats can be won as prizes in Seasonal Adventures.

Note: Original Top Hats were sold in stores for the Hatapalooza from May 4 till May 8, 2017. This caused a massive decline in their rarity, although they are slowly gaining their rarity back.

Original Top Hats

Blue Black Red Black and White Tan Blue Brown and Pink Pink
TopHat1 TopHat2 TopHat3 TopHat4 TopHat5 TopHat6 TopHat7 TopHat8
A Few RIMs A Few RIMs A Few RIMs A Few RIMs A Few RIMs A Few RIMs A Few RIMs A Few RIMs

Other Top Hats

Leap Year 

Custom  Founders' Freedom Spooky Jamaaliday Friendship Classic 
LY2012TopHat RIMCustomTopHat Founder'sHat FreedomHat RareSpookyTopHat RareJamaalidayTopHat RareFriendshipHat ClassicTopHat
Good Short Collar - Bad Long Collar 3-4 Den Betas

Minimum Value: 1 Black Long Collar + 1 Red Long Collar + 1 Decent Long Collar

Maximum Value: 2 Black Long Collars

A Few RIMs Good Short Collar A Few RIMs 2-3 RIMs A Few RIMs

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  • offers

    2 messages
    • My dream items a sheepcloak and they are worth a bad long so im looking for a bad long for my leap year top hat.
    • I have a red short collar and wristband! I can also add a black worn for it, too.
  • custom top hat

    2 messages
    • would it be a good idea to just hold onto custom top hat to see how much they go up?what are they currently worth?
    • They are currently worth 3-4 den betas (the worth wiki is pretty accurate imo) but Idk if they will go up.
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