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Last Updated 5/18/20

The Unreleased Jamaaliday Variants are variants of existing Jamaaliday Calendar items that were not available on the calendar itself. These variants were primarily accessed during December 2017, though some were accessed in limited quantities in December 2016 or earlier. Before December 2017, some of these were considered "one-of-a-kind"/"two-of-a-kind"/etc. but now have much more in game.

NOTICE: Previously unreleased variants, the Black Candy Cane Socks, Red Icicle Horn, Turquoise Candy Cane Horns, and Light Blue Snowflake Balloon were officially released. The Black Socks were an available color on the December 2018 Calendar, the Red Icicle Horn was released into stores on January 10, 2019, the Turquoise Candy Cane horns were released in stores on July 25, 2019, and the Light Blue Snowflake Balloon was released into stores on January 1, 2020. They used to be worth Long Collars prior to their official release, but now are nowhere close to that worth. Do not get scammed.

Well-Known Variants

Magenta/"Raspberry" Gingerbread Top Hat Blue-White Jamaaliday Wreath Hat Purple/"Twilight" Holly Wristband Yellow-Green Jamaaliday Leg Armor
GingerbreadTopHat8 JamaalidayWreathHat HollyWristband
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