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hi :) i'm icy!

icypikachuu__ on insta

I spend my days crying because everyone's pets are so beautiful <3

Creepy stalker messages from creepy stalkers/friends ^^;

"...of course there's none" - -icypikachu-


if we can't see air, can fish see water?-80k1 hehe idk

:unholy screeching: HAPPY JAMAALIDAYS -Tefti the jamaalidays are over and my mantises are still enthusiastic about eating you

hhhhh who wrote this

Can I decapitate your pets? -Spatter :) NO

worm -shibanova'd wut

Darkendviper says NYOOOOOM nyoom?

Hola! I love ur pets :) -paw ty :D

*steals* ~toes *chases*

RAWR- A bean :) hi...?

Ello, sign my wall? :o -Jammer sure!

Eee -A random dude who are you ;-;

your art is so cute! Cheese! 🧀~ Spicy thank you! <3 cheese uwu

Never gonna give you up :-) (sign my wall grr) wow thanks rick-Rick Astley

your mantises are kinda sus icy also sign my wall huehue - eselcool sure lol

Work hard play 100x harder i agree

im not mantis food - someone oh yes you are ;) once a mantis food, always a mantis food

*gently holds your mantises* -a certain mineral man *gently holds a certain mineral man's pets*

"May I introduce my bear children to your mantis children?" Forgetleaves asked shyly. "Of course!" Icy replied joyfully, happy that her mantis children would have friends.


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  • 2,000 edits
  • 3,000 edits
  • 4,000 edits
  • 5,000 edits
  • 10,000 edits
  • Collect squirrels
  • Start a rainbow squinty mantis collection [15/20]
  • Start a brown bug collection
  • Finish a brown bug collection with 20+ brown bugs (gimme ur brown bugs)
  • Get a cute seal
  • Become a mod! (became discussions mod on )
  • Make an AJ-related video
  • Get my dream pet <3
  • Win an art con!
  • Get placed in an art con TYSM DERPY AAA <33


  • Pet seal, squirrel and mantis codes :0
  • Alpha sword

My pets <33

Gallery of me stalking DerpyChicken97 (wip)

art gallery <3 (WIP)