Milliemoo92 Sso

aka Millie

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  • I live in The forest in your backyard
  • I was born on August 19
  • My occupation is Eating Ice cubes

This user is a stalker. Beware, they might be crawling around the darkest corners and at your message wall at any time. Be armed always.

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Warning. This User is a Warriors fan. Proceed with your stalking at your own risk.

If you need Wiki help, please come to me and leave a message on my wall!

Hey there! I'm Millie, and I'm discussion mod for the AJIWW! I go by They / Them pronouns so please avoid using she / her for me <3

Even if you dont have anything to report to me, come say hi just for the fun of it!

I adore Horse Riding, Drawing, Animating, and reading Fanfiction! I have a YouTube channel on which I post anything I want (Mainly Art stuff)!

Some tv series / yt series / movies that I like are:

  • Steven Universe
  • She Ra
  • The Owl House
  • Hermitcraft
  • General MCYT stuff (DreamSMP War)
  • Heartland
  • Free rein
  • Love Simon

Some books I like are:

  • Warriors (Warrior cats)
  • Survivors (Survivor dogs)
  • Canterwood Crest
  • The A Circuit
  • The Raised by wolves trilogy
  • This Starbound Trilogy
  • The Selection
  • The Jewel
  • Dear Evan Hansen
  • But most importantly; Fanfiction


Go ahead and leave a little message, following the powerful tradition of all these stalkers who came and said hi before this message. You are completely allowed to add a bullet point and a small message, but only under Stalker alert, and only on my page! Wiki rules still apply, and Convos belong on message walls ;) Stalk away!

  • stalk) <--- Wait uhhh who did that?
  • I could edit this. So I did. S t a l k owo <---- OOf
  • Narf <--- WHAT????
  • Hi im a stalker stalking your page <---- whaaaaaaat
  • eKS dEE RAWR :nibbles ur tail: <-- I swear to god Quishi-
  • I still remember your wedding with Lilli <- My wedding was with Nala actually! (Narried who was my fiance, never showed, so Nala took their place! Ari and Lilli are the happy couple)
  • Hello <33 <- Ello!
  • wait are we actually aloud to even edit this page or am i stupid and about to get a warning <-- Meow, nope you're all good! No warnings for youuu
  • am i a cool stalker now? tell me cool people of the world -spluo (also f if i get a warning, that would be unfortunate) <-- Very cool! Top notch Stalker! Good job! Also you wont get a warning for editing here, only praise, but don't edit anybody else's page, or you will ^^
  • stalkstalkstalkstalkstalkstalkstalknoises STALKSTALK STALKSTALKXD <--- Stalkidy stalk stalk!
  • STALKKK <--- stalkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  • stalkity stalkerson <--- stalkery stalker stalks
  • hi i stalk you in your sleep. i recommend you get better house security, it was really easy to sneak in :) <-- Maybe I should ;)
  • Cough cough Hi there this is totally not some random person editing your stalk wall nop nop nop <-- Not at all! What are you talking about?
  • I stalk and I stalk and I learn about every conversation you even posted <-- oMgGGGGGGGggGGg StAlKeR!
  • Discussion Mod Gang!!! -xoxo omgblah <-- Discussion Mod gang <3 <3 <3
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