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Hiii i am monchhichiss but most people call me monch :) Rn i own 4 big pets (Twilight (Purple sloth) Hulk (Lime hog) Rego (Burple Hog) and Eclipse (The burple sloth that looks it had to much to drink last night)) that i am planning on keeping and so many small pets i can not even count them (most are burple) I also LOVE the color burple!!! I am a content mod and became a mod on 6/1 that means i have been a mod for around 3 months :O! Then I became a discussion mod about a week ago (: If u ever need any help/have any questions feel free to ask me I would love to help you out :)) I will be adding more pics of pets and pics of art of my pet!! Insta is Monchhichis_real. Another thing i like to collect are exclusive plushies I have a good bit and still looking for more! Also if you need to contact me, walls are turned off rn so just send me a dm on discord Monch#1784 is my tag.

Got Twilight on June 29, 2020

Got Hulk on December 26, 2020

Got Eclipse on January 7, 2021

Got Nebula on February 1, 2021

Got Rego on May 22, 2021

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~Get a cute hedgehog

~ trade away my Cyan hog

~Get a crazy hair sloth

~Get a Bean eye otter

~Get 8 gold Ponies ( 5/8 )

~Get a cute seal

~Get 3 sloths ( 2/3)

~Get 8 Ultras (4/8)

~Get mag seal

~Trade away tikis (0/2)

~Get a custom big pet

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Red Monkey silly.png