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  • I live in the golden state babey!!!!!!!!
  • I was born on November 30
  • My occupation is being problematic
  • I am dying

Hello, my name's Phil! I go by they/them!

I've been playing Animal Jam since 2011 - took a break in 2014, and returned in early 2018. My AJ hobbies include trading, drawing, uncommon item collecting, and decorating! My favorite color is green, I LOVE rare member phantoms, and I'm super into animes such as Houseki no Kuni, Kill La Kill, and BNHA!

Additionally, I'm really bad with a computer. Sorry if I'm super late to a comment! Feel free to message me at Philodendron#6334 on Discord if you'd like.

2018-09-08 (5)

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Kindpng 1541720
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